Best of Provence Tour

The best of Provence tour designed to explore the lifestyle, the cuisine, the wines and the culture of Provence.
Food N' Wine Vacations, inc

Bordeaux Classique

Discover the quintessential food, wine and culture of France when you visit Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region.

Enchanting Dordogne

The Dordogne Valley is an untouched, picturesque region of France. It’s steep hills and river valleys make it seem as though Dordogne is something taken straight out of a medieval fairytale.

Taste Burgundy Like A Local

Burgundy is one of France’s premier and oldest wine-producing regions.

Champagne Tour

The very name is synonymous with celebration, but there is much more to champagne than sparkling wine.

Food N’ Wine Travel Style

Food N’ Wine Vacations™ is all about experiences. Our tours focus on connection to people and places, to their history, landscapes, food and tradition. From driving in beautiful landscapes to tasting regional specialties and wines, and staying in charming private estates.

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